Reedy River Falls


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Reedy River Falls sits just off Main Street in downtown Greenville.  The falls were the site of one of the earliest mills in the upstate of South Carolina.  For many years, Camperdown Way bridge sat in the middle of the falls, spoiling what was otherwise an awesome view of the falls.  However, in an effort to revamp downtown Greenville and feature its natural beauty, the highway bridge was removed.  A new pedestrian suspension bridge (named the Liberty Bridge) sits over the falls.  This new bridge accents the falls but does not spoil the view.  In fact, it adds to the overall beauty of Reedy River Falls and the new park.







Directions: Enter downtown Greenville from I-385.  The interstate ends, turns into East North Street, and passes by the Bi-Lo Center.  As you pass the Bi-Lo Center, veer right onto Beatie Place as East North Street turns left.  Get in the lefthand lane and turn left onto Main Street.  Continue down Main for several blocks.  After passing the Peace Center for the Performing Arts on the right, you will cross the Reedy River.  Look for a place to park and then enter Reedy River Falls Park.  For more information, check out

All photos Allen Easler.