Toxaway Falls


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Cedar Mountain, NC

As you speed along US 64 between Highlands and Brevard, you might not even notice this 150-foot waterslide below the bridge. There is no good public vantage point from which to view the entire falls, only a glimpse from the top of a highway bridge or a restaurant parking lot. If you look near the top left of the above picture, you can make out a house where someone certainly has a good view. The falls are just downstream of the present-day Lake Toxaway Dam and the Lake Toxaway Resort. In 1916, an earlier dam above the falls broke. The massive flood washed away the soil atop the falls and left what you see today: nothing but bare rock

Directions: From Sapphire, NC, drive north on US 64 for two miles. Look for a large masonry bridge at the base of a hill and the dam to the left. Cross the bridge and park in the graveled area on the left side. Carefully cross US 64 to glimpse the falls on the south side.

All photos Allen Easler.